Continuous diversification within the energy industry and with increased international visibility and scrutiny, a new corporate identity was needed that represented the new ambitions and attitude of Norway’s largest company. Although Statoil had a competitive edge and a strong position in Norway, they were relatively unknown when compared with the largest global energy companies. Operating in 42 countries, it was essential to create a strong and relevant brand expression that represented the unique qualities of the company, differentiating itself with a distinctive and instantly recognizable identity. 


History and nature have shaped who Statoil are. They have learnt to perform under extreme conditions in order to cross new energy frontiers, they are a leading light in the industry. Inspired by the star constellations in our northern skiesthe link to nature is fundamental to the  brand expression. Hinting at Statoil’s Nordic heritage, the star symbolises them as a leading light in the industry, reflecting the company’s highest aspirations, continued focus on the Norwegian continental shelf and innovation of new energy solutions. With its distinctive use of colour, the identity is a courageous representation of Statoil’s unique attitude, boldly differentiating itself within the global landscape.


Full implementation of the updated Statoil brand across all touch-points, from print to digital, from signage to branded environments, provided a truly holistic brand experience that shifted local and international perceptions and added greater brand value and associations beyond North Sea oil fields. 

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