Happy to be helping Vipps

Vipps is the most popular payment app in Norway, and has recently moved out from its former parent bank DNB. Before presenting the app with a fresh face, we worked together on designing a new brand identity for a modern payment experience.

The most central challenge was to find a good way to show that Vipps is now its own company. The service will be integrated more closely with over 100 banks. The app has 2,7 million users and counting. The solution remains the same: quick and easy payments, peer-to-peer.

In addition to developing a new brand strategy for Vipps, we redesigned the logo, established a new colour scheme, designed a new visual language for photography and video, and even introduced a new custom type family. With these tools, we’re confident Vipps can start their new independent life. 

The new identity will slowly be released to the public, so wait for that app update, coming to mobile phones soon.