Meow we won!


So happy to win 100 watts for the brand work we did for the cat food brand Mjau. 

A proof that strategic design creates results and can take a brand from underdog (cat) to market leader in just a few years. Many thanks to our customer Doggy AB for a great collaboration.

With the new brand platform and design as a guide we were able to turn the development. Here are some results; sales raised by 20%, purchase intentions increased from 15% to 21% only between 2015 and 2016 (now 80% among those already familiar with Mjau) and the sales of portion size products increased by 300% since 2015. The awareness has increased from 66 to 72% since launch in 2013. In addition, the price could be increased by up to 20% with retained sales and earnings as a result.

The jury's motivation: 
"Increasing sales while raising prices is admirable. When it was also possible to show that the sales increase lasted over two years, the case was clear. 100 watts go to a solid insight and a design that stands out in the shelf. Mjau has proven what strategic design can make for a brand."