Privacy Policy

When you communicate with SDG, you can be sure that your personal information will be treated responsibly. This privacy policy explains how we gather personal information and what we use it for. It also contains information on how we keep the information safe, with whom we share it, and what your rights are.

What is considered personal information?

Personal information is any data that can be connected to a single person, directly or indirectly, such as name, post address, e-mail address, IP address and phone number. All use of these types of data (gathering, registering, saving, assembly and delivery) is considered handling of personal information.

Who is responsible for handling?

Scandinavian Design Group is responsible for the personal information we handle related to the use of our website and services, or when you contact us in another way.

A company that handles data on our behalf is called a data handler. This collaboration is regulated by data handler agreements that have a clear purpose and explicit guidelines. The same applies when Scandinavian Design Group is the data handler for our customers.

What information do we handle?

We use the following pieces of personal information in relation to our work with you:

  • Basic information about you: name, e-mail address, telephone number.
  • Information related to you or your employer’s customer relationship to us, such as service and order information, payment information and inquiries.

It is optional to give us access to your personal information, but we will need such information to deliver agreed services or maintain contact with you related to our collaboration.

How do we get your personal information?

We gather information in several ways. We receive personal information directly from you when you send us an e-mail, sign up for an event, or come into contact with us in other ways. This information is necessary for us to deliver the services you have ordered or to respond to your inquiries.

​What do we use personal information for?

We use personal information to provide and deliver services to you. Among others, we use your information in connection to the handling of our customer assignment, such as billing and other administration of the customer relation.

Job announcement and employment. We use personal information to consider candidates that seek job positions with us. When the position is filled, the personal information of the other candidates will be removed from our side. We do not retain résumés or other personal information about job seekers.

We use personal information to fulfil our statutory duties, for example in connection to accounting and to provide information to the appropriate authority when mandated by Norwegian law.

Why are we allowed to use your personal information?

Our use of your personal information is based on one or more of the following reasons:

  • Fulfilment of an agreement with you;
  • Fulfilment of a legal requirement; or
  • Purpose connected to a justified interest.

How do we secure your personal information?

Scandinavian Design Group has established procedures and measures to ensure that no unauthorized people access your personal information. All use of information follows the law. The measures include, among others, regular risk analysis.

When do we remove personal information?

Scandinavian Design Group does not retain personal information for longer than is necessary to deliver our services or to fulfil the purpose of our relation in another way. It is important that the information we have about you is correct and up-to-date. If you find an error, we encourage you to contact us. You can also contact us if you want us to delete your information.

With whom do we share personal information?

Your personal information will only be shared with others when it is necessary to fulfil the requirements of our working relationship. We may also share personal information with our technical subcontractors. All exchange of data happens in accordance with clear guidelines for the handling of personal data. Where there is a statutory delivery obligation, the appropriate public authorities will also receive information.

Your rights

The Privacy Policy gives you a range of rights, including the right to see, change and remove the personal information we have on you.

When you request removal of information, there is an exception for information that is required to deliver the services you still need access to, or that we are legally obligated to retain for a specific period.

You also have a right to data portability. This means that you, among others, will have the opportunity to take your personal information with you in a machine-readable format.

If you think that we are not following this privacy policy or the applicable laws, you can complain to us or, if necessary, Datatilsynet.

Changes to the privacy policy

Scandinavian Design Group will regularly evaluate the privacy policy to ensure that it is understandable, up-to-date, and in accordance with the applicable laws.

Oslo, August 2018