Craft of the Jazz
Blossa Annual 22

New project with Blossa! For the annual 2022 edition, Blossa explored the birthplace of jazz — the buzzing, crowded and vibrant New Orleans!

Blossa 22 explores the eccentric and eclectic place of New Orleans, Louisiana. More specifically the French Quarter with its crazy lively Bourbon Street and legendary bar Pat O’ Brien’s; The bar that invented the famous Hurricane drink. Meticulously designed and illustrated to awaken both the the curious and open-minded. We wanted the design to look lively and complex in its simplicity.

The illustration style was inspired by the spontaneous craft of the jazz. Edgy but refined, always with fun, unpredictable and surprising details.

In the illustration we find a bunch of fun elements — from musicians and instruments to records and alligators (that inhabit the Louisiana Bayou). Also worth noticing the three (3) fleur-de-lis symbols that is a direct reference to the flag of New Orleans, Louisiana. The five (5) stars are a reference to the official seal of New Orleans. Next to the description text, you’ll find piano keys, a whimsical element making you «play the piano» while you pour your glass of Blossa glögg. This way, you’re part of the band!

In addition to being inspired by the this year’s taste profile (chili/bell peppers/Hurricane) — the colours nods to the Mardi Gras Colours; Purple, yellow and gold. In New Orleans, purple represents justice, and gold power. The gold foil is also chosen to be similar and associative to brass instruments.

The bottle colour is chosen based on the subtle smokiness of the 22 taste profile — and the smokiness you’ll encounter at Bourbon Street with its distinct smell of Gumbo stew.

The number is hand crafted, loosely based on the slogan and hand written aesthetic of Pat O’ Brien’s (the bar in Bourbon Street that invented the Hurricane). Also with a touch of jazz, where it feels spontaneous and playful. The numbers are similar, but not identical (just like any other hand written number would be).

Concept, design, illustration, type design and animations by SDG.

Photography by Blossa, Anora

Blossa Annual 22

Craft of the Jazz

Blossa 22 explores the eccentric and eclectic city of New Orleans, Louisiana, focusing specifically on the French Quarter with its lively Bourbon Street and the legendary bar Pat O’Brien’s. This bar is known for inventing the famous Hurricane drink, a flavor note also found in the beverage. The illustration style was inspired by the spontaneous craft of jazz: edgy yet refined, always with fun, unpredictable, and surprising details.

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